17 Feb A new look at Ibiza with Gato Suárez’s exhibition.


Gato Suárez has been exploring the island of Ibiza by Foot, Bicycle, Scooter, RangeRover and hitch-hiking. Finding always a little glimpse of beauty in the cracks of the walls, following the dirt roads or hitching a ride with a stranger to a new part of the island.

OD Ocean Drive has invited Gato to exhibit its Ibiza collection from Friday, February 17th. For the occasion, we decided to interview him and understand who is hiding behind Gato Ibiza and his photographs.

We started with the typical question: Where do you come from?

“From China”… He laughs when seeing my face. “No, no, I’m from Vega, from the constellation of Lyra, you can google it” … Done.

According to Wikipedia, “Lyrs is the brightest star in the constellation of Lyra, the fifth-brightest star in the night sky and the second-brightest star in the northern celestial hemisphere […]”.

His answer already gives us an idea of the character behind Can Gato Ibiza.

Unlike his origins, the artist unveils his story quite easily; he has been in Ibiza for 4 years and has come straight from Los Angeles, where he lived for about 8 years. Gato Suárez has spent 14 years dedicating himself to photography, which he has practiced in several places of the world. He came to Ibiza in 2013 for a yoga retreat and, as it has been the case for more than one local of the island, he ended up staying. How not to fall in love with its beautiful landscapes and hooks?


Where does your name Gato Ibiza come from?

It’s my artist name, a nickname they gave me many years ago in Los Angeles. I liked it so I have adopted it. I love cats and they have a special meaning here in Ibiza, as there are lots on the island.

What inspires you in Ibiza?

I love its nature, the traditional Ibizan culture, its people and its hidden corners. I can spend hours wandering around Ibiza on foot or by bike looking for ruins … I am a ruin-hunter. I did a series of photographs of Ibiza markets, especially of Sant Joan. I have plans to make another special series on the rafts of Ibiza, they fascinate me.

You practice earthing. Can you tell us more about it?

The idea is to walk barefoot for at least 30 minutes a day, whether walking on rocks, sand, tree roots. I organize Earthing Walkabouts as initiation to this practice, usually in Atlantis (Sa perdrera de Cala d’Hort), as I know the place very well and it is magical. The essence of this practice is to be connected to the earth. It helps you to gain more confidence in your own body and discover new sensations through your feet. In addition, the fact of being barefoot has many healthy properties such as regulation of blood pressure and its good coagulation, among others.


Let’s talk about Ibiza.

If you had to choose a place in Ibiza, which would you choose?:
– to think: Es Broll / the valley of Benimussa.
– to escape: San Miguel or Cala d’en Serra.
– to party: Salinas beach or the Chirincana in  Cala Martina.

And your favorite beach? Punta Galera.


Gato Suárez’s exhibition will has been inaugurated lasta Friday at Burger Meets Gin. His works will remain at the hotel OD Ocean Drive until Tuesday, March 7th. It will be the occasion to discover emblematic places of Ibiza, its culture and customs, through a series of totally original photographs.

From March, Can Gato will continue exhibiting at the boutique hotel Gare du Nord in San Juan.

Fotos: Mario Pinta (

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